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Anonymous asked: Y'all get sad to easily, of course ur gonna play us with these answers bcuz it just makes it better for u and us. For all we know u could write that Robyn will wake up, they get married, and fast forward 2 months she gets pregnant again... C'mon guys enjoy the ride!! This is one of the most thrilling fanfics ever! My honest prediction is that You'll end it where Robyn wakes up and doesn't know anybody, she'll have a memory problem so chris will have to make her fall in luv again. Luv ur work!



LMFAOOOO! That’d be the most awesome ending of all fucking time.

She squints and looks around from her nap. Who is this chubby boy staring at me??

"Can I help you??"

"Baby..I thought you were gone."

WHAT?! Baby??”

Chris scoffs and starts to move towards her. “Okaaay, that’s cute. Come her-“

"GET AWAY FROM ME!!" She hollered and Chris jumps back.

"Robyn, why are y-"

"How you know my name Robyn?? I think you got the wrong room sir, please go."

Chris looked at her in pure confusion as she flicked her hand to the exit, “GO! Bye! I don’t know you.”


"I’m not your baby!" Robyn snapped. "I do not know you, sir. Nurse?" 

Layla had just stepped in in her scrubs starting to smile at her. “Ro-“

"Nurse, please. Escort this man out. Thank you."

Layla looked around and stared at Chris.

"OUT!!" She demanded.

"O..kay…" Layla said softly. "Uh..sir?"

"Bu- But-" Chris sputtered and Layla nodded violently towards the door. Chris walked away slowly, looking over at Robyn fixing her bedsheets.

"What the fuck?" Chris whispered to Layla as she guided him out. They overheard Robyn mutter to herself. "Fake ass Chris Brown looking nigga. I don’t know him."


Rihanna at Da Silvano restaurant in NYC

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